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K.R. Wilson Model T pouring task

Ford V8 Head Puller
This tool is to center the timer on Ford T engine
Tool manual of approx. 150 pgs. of Ford use tools. CD for purchase is $25.
Snap On Hub Puller
A tool to aid in the installation of the bolts that attach to the front radius rod of Model A Fords
V8 Ford Tool Kit (1 of 3)
V8 Ford Tool Kit (2 of 3)
V8 Ford Tool Kit (3 of 3)
Ford Rear Main Bearing Peining Tool
Hempy Cooper Pouring & Bouring Jigs
Hempy Cooper Model T Rear Cap Pouring Jig
A gauge when setting air gap between magnet coils and magnets
Pullers used to pull Model A and AA rear hubs
This gauge will check caster, camber, and king pin inlination, Model A
K.R. Wilson Coil tester
Kwik bolts used on main bearing caps during align bore
Tool for cutting Model A Ford keys
Model T Ford rear sleeve puller
Hall valve lash adjustment tool. Insert into cylinder bore turn engine over till moveable pin stops at line, set valves listed on tool.
Hall valve adjust tool which indicates which valves to adjust at various piston heights. Drop in cylinder, rotate engine till line on moveable pin is aligned
KD produced Model A Ford valve lifter. This is the economy branded valve lifter from KD
Photo 2 of the above KD produced valve lifter
Snap-On (Beard) Valve Micrometer. This toll is used to calculate the length of the valve after grinding valve seat and determining the proper valve lash. Used on Model A Ford and V8 original tappets (non-adjustable)
Ray Co. produced socket tool for removing/replacing oil pan nuts & bolts on Ford Model T
Stevens (Walden Worcester) produced tool to lift and lower valve springs on Ford Model T
Stevens (Walden-Worcester) produced valve lifter for Ford Model T. View 2
Tool used to remove Model A and B valve guides
Tools to remove V8 60hp valve and guide
Tools to remove and replace Model A and B valve assembly
Bridgeport Valve lifter, offered in the KR Wilson catalog. Model A and B